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Book of the Moment

In this section of the website we offer you a selection from our books - something that has caught our interest recently.
For the Innerpeffray Alphabet exhibition we looked at lots of woodbut initial letters. These decorative letters often start a page, section or parapgraph and were cut from block of wood and surrounded by foliage, animals or other ornamental embellishments. This letter block was then fitted into the block containing the text type to make up the page.
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I is for Idolatry

I is for Idolatry

The author of this work, Thomas Tenison, was Archbishop of Cantebury from 1694 until his death in 1715.

This book was published in 1678 and is part of our exhibition The Divine and the Demon, which looks at superstition.  The initial letter I on the opening page is a lovely example of a woodcut initial letter.

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